Lentil salad with kiwi

You have made these things again? – they are asking me, lifting the lid of the pot and watching what’s inside. Ah, yes. I have made these things again, because recently I am falling in love with “these things”, I mean lentils. You might find hard to believe, but in childhood I didn’t know lentils. I remember finding that word in some story of Lithuanian classic writer: “old man with his old wife were eating the soup of lentils…” What were “these things” – lentils, I didn’t have any idea. It sounded like some atribute of deep poverty, which has dissapeared without any trace in soviet society together with flees and marzipans. So… old man with his old wife were eating the soup of lentils, and we are going to eat luxury salad – lentils in the neibourhood with kiwi (which I also didn’t know during my soviet childhood, not even a name)

150g lentils
1 onion
1 carrot
small piece of ginger
2 tablespoons of shreadded coconut
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons of oil
A handful of raisins
2 kiwi
salt, black ground pepper

Lets cut an onion and fry on the oil, until transparent. Lets add crushed garlic, grated carrot, grated ginger. All together lets fry a little, then lets add shreadded coconut and lentils, previously soaked in water for few hours. After a minute lets add some water, not much, only to cover lentils.
What else? Salt. Handful of raisins. Lets cover the lid and cook until done – the time of cooking depend on the type of lentils and how well they were soaked previously. It could be about 20 min.
When done, lets add some ground pepper and chopped parsley. It’s already delicious. But if to add some kiwi… Mmmmmmm … … .. realy good.
Lets eat warm.

The idea came from multiple sources (where also was mentioned pineapple, and belly pepper, and walnuts, but not all things together, the kiwi was not mentioned in sources, but it was in my cupboard. It was good idea to add kiwi, really.)

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