International Apple Pie Recipe Collection

At the moment it is still ry small collection, more just an idea.

So what’s the idea?

There are so many great recipes for apple pies, tarts, strudels, charlottes… there are so many apples in grass under my apple trees.

So first lets collect recipes,
then lets collect apples,
then lets bake – pies, tarts, strudels, charlottes, fulfiling home with nice smells,

…or when not in baking mood, just read recipes, watch pictures and dream…

The simple rules:

* You bake something, what includes apples and… whatever else…
* Write-up about your apple pie (tart, strudel, charlotte… whatever) – write in your native language and in English and post it on your blog or site.
* Reference the Apple Pie event in your post, please.
* Send a message to me (7ravioli AT gmail DOT com) containing your name, your blog’s name, and a permanent link to your post.
* I will regularely include links to your posts in special page in my website, also for some your recipes I will do translation to Lithuanian and will post them as unique posts.

If you don’t have a blog, you can still take part. Just send a message with your recipe and photo to mail mentioned above.

Happy baking!

First apple pie recipe comes from Texas, USA, from where Miz Helen shares simple way of life in her Country Cottage and recipe of Granny Apple Pie.

Joy from Malaysia writes in her blog Kitchen flavours: “if you have more apples than you need, and already made your apple tart, apple pie, apple crumbles, then for a change, do a batch of this creamy delicious ice cream! ” Great idea, and seems that absolutely great Caramel Apple Ice Cream Who is curious to make it?

The pie with a taste of childhood, once almost forgoten, but with soem efforts recreated again… Squared Apple Pie – recipe from Anja from Square Kitchen… is this kitchen in Canada?

Apple pies in my blog (which of these recipes you would like to be translated to English?)

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